BiOLiX Series

BiOLiX STC Line: The STC Line units are ideally suited for the wide range of storage applications ranging from approximately 100 000 to millions of samples and for temperatures ranging from -80°C to RT

BiOLiX SAB Line: The SAB Line is the best solution for large sample collections where a primary objective of the storage is long term sample safety and efficiency of storage processes that have high tube and rack variability. The storage temperature in SAB units ranges from +25°C and can reach as low as -130°C.

  BiOLiX FAB Line. The FAB line is a fully automated version of the SAB line, providing individual sample retrieval while utilizing all the advantages of the SAB architecture

  BiOLiX STV Line. The STV Line is a fully automated cryogenic vapor phase LN2 (≤-185°C) storage system for samples requiring cryopreservation The STV series provides data precision, personal safety and sample integrity -all the challenges in a manual access cryogenic process. High density storage in a wide variety of configurations is scalable from 50 000 to 20 000 000+ samples.

Main Features

  • Proven sample integrity
  • Highest storage density
  • Best energy performance
  • Unrivalled temperature uniformity and stability
  • Intuitive system operation
  • Seamless LIMS integration
  • Unique no defrost cycle design
  • Redundant refrigeration
  • Large worldwide user base

Temperature Range and Capacities: LiCONiC‘s BiOLiX Series is the market‘s most complete selection of products for automated biobanking. Products are categorized by application, temperature and capacity.