• Sbeadex: For Plant material, forensic samples, tissue and cells, bacterial cultures.
  • Mag: For whole blood, buffy coat, buccal swabs, bacteria, yeast, fungi.
  • Kleargene Silica: For blood, tissue and saliva samples.
  • Kleargene Spin: For plant tissue particularly 100ng to 10µg


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SSR Conversions:

Convenient microsatellite to KASP® SNP marker conversion service

Bring better seeds, crops, livestock and aquatic organisms to market faster by simplifying genomic data capture and analysis while saving 44% on your analysis costs.

The new service combines our proprietary DNA extraction technology with state of the art NGS techniques, KASP assay design and genotyping into a convenient service for converting microsatellite markers (SSRs or STRs) into robust and cost efficient KASP SNP markers