SAFE®  Store Aliquots For Ever, Reliable , safe and automated long-term sample storage in 2D coded tubes is the focus of LVL technology.

SAFE® 2D tubes Long-term Sample Storage

  • 2D Sample Storage tubes for Compound Management and Biobanking Solutions for Demanding Long-term Sample Archiving Requirements
  • 2D Sample Archiving in the Classic, Square Cryo Format
  • SAFE® 2D tubes and racks are suitable for storage at temperatures ranging from -196°C (Vapour Phase Liquid Nitrogen) to +40° C.

2D / 1D Code Reader

  • 2D Barcode Rack Reader for SBS Racks – A Camera Based Reader for the Price of a Flat Bed Scanner
  • 2D Barcode Rack Reader for SBS and CRYO Racks
  • Mobile 2D Barcode Single Tube Reader- Mobile Scanning for 1D and 2D Codes

Cappers / Decappers

  • Manual 1-Channel Capper/Decapper/Picker
  • Semi-Automated 8-Channel Capper/Decapper
  • Automated Single Column/Row Capper/Decapper for SBS 96/48/24

Sealing Systems: Sealing foil self-adhesive Alu/ laminated with PET , Sealing foil self-adhesive with 2 holding straps PP and more

Rack and Plates : LVL Sample Rack For all samples that have special archiving requirement. The Deep Well Plates from LVL For the daily use of sample handling and achievement