SAFE® 2D Tubes

SAFE® offers a large range of 2D coded tubes preferably arrayed in space-saving and automated SBS racks that are suitable for storage down to -196°C (LN2). Our product range also includes the required technical infrastructure such as scanners and cappers/decappers.

2D Tubes with external and internal thread (SBS 96)

SAFE® 96 XT: With patented two-phase TPE compression the largest possible quantity of samples can be   stored in a smallest possible space. The SAFE® SX 300 in particular – with an effective working   volume of 300µl and its minimal height of 19.1 mm (incl. screw cap) – is a real miracle of   compactness. And the XSX 220 is even more compact with a height of only 15.5 mm.

SAFE® 96 IT: The injected TPE compression ring in the screw cap combined with the widened mouth of the tube   and significantly improved sealing compared to the conventional screw caps with an O-ring. The   screw cap cannot be overtightened, the permanently injected sealing ring cannot detach itself   from the thread. The high screw cap is a big plus for manual handling

An Overview of the Product Features:

  • Material: Low Binding Virgin Polypropylene
  • Tubes laser-labelled with data matrix code (2D)
  • 1D Codes visible to the human eye in addition to 2D codes
  • Tubes and bottoms produced with patented wet-on-wet process
  • Closable with screw caps (external thread), push caps and heat seals
  • U Bottom for minimum dead volume
  • With thermoplastic elastomer liquid and vapor sealing
  • Space saving due to lower height
  • Lower risk of cross contamination