Phenoptics 2.0

Quantitative Pathology & Multi Spectral Imaging for Translational Biomarker Research.

Phenoptics 2.0, features MOTiF™ rapid 7-color scanning of whole slide enabling visulization & measurement of tissue cells including multiple cell phenotypes simultaneously in FFPE tissues. Phenoptics integrates multiplexed immunohistochemistry and imaging to quantitatively capture systems biology data with cellular detail.  It reveals multi-parameter cellular expressions and interactions while retaining spatial context, offering insights into the complexity of tissue biology.

Advantages of Phenoptics 2.0 technology:

  • Speed: Fastest Fluorescence Digital Pathology Slide Scanner in the World
  • Accurate: Autofluorescence Isolation for True Quantitative Analysis
  • Streamlined: Only Multiplex System workflow optimized from reagent to result
  • Versatile: High Quality 40X Resolution Ideal for RNA-FISH or Multispectral Bright field imaging.