The CODEX Solution

  • Spin Tips
  • 96 Deep Well Plate
  • Magnetic Beads


A Comprehensive Solution for Spatially Resolved, Multiplexed Immunofluorescence imaging.

The CODEX fluidics instrument automates iterative imaging cycles. For each cycle, three CODEX Reporters, each with a spectrally-distinct dye, are applied to the stained tissue to assay the corresponding Antibody Barcodes. This process is repeated until all antibodies have been imaged.

Advantages of CODEX technology:

  • Provides full spatial context and is not limited to just regions of interest (ROI)
  • Provides single-cell resolution down to 600 nm or 250 nm with 20X and 40X objectives respectively
  • Single-step staining and gentle fluorophore removal preserves the sample for ROI analysisvSimple, benchtop fluidics system that is cost-effective and simple to implement in any research lab.