Valitacell brings together knowledge of bio processing, deep learning and predictive analytics to deliver a new level of bioprocess performance platform.

  • Quantum platform
  • ChemStress finger Printing
  • Enhance

Quantum platform is based on fluorescence polarization based assay for quantification of IgG, Fragmented antibody(Fab), Aggregation , Host cell protein(HCP) and Glycosylation profiling kit,  which is better than the current industry solution and are proven to operate quicker, cheaper and accurate across protein, therapeutic Mabs, and cell line development using the CHO cell line.

  • Valita Titer: Rapid quantification kit, Assay CV is <2>
  • Valita titer plus: Extended range titer quantification, Assay CV is <2>
  • Valita Fab*: Fragmented antibody quantification
  • Valita HCP*: HCP Detection
  • Valita Glyco*:  Glycosylation profile


ChemStress Fingerprinting: Deep, Cellular Profiling · Confirm Identity · Control Media Lot Variation

At Valitacell, we recognise the value that exists in process control of cell based manufacturing systems. That's why we've developed ChemStress Fingerprinting - a novel platform technology which characterises cells using a panel of specific, small molecule chemical stressors and combines this with deep learning and AI to achieve the highest levels of bioprocess performance.

  • Valita®PROFILER
  • Valita®QC
  • Valita®ID

  ChemStress Fingerprinting* introduces control to your process to identify the best clones, confirm Identity, stability and functionality of the cell using our novel analytical platform which controls the process with the smart analytics. A ChemStress® fingerprint is developed based on measuring the inhibition in growth and protein production associated with each stressor. The fingerprint profile then allows manufacturers to predict growth and productivity of a cell in a bioreactor.


Enhance-LIQUID ENGINEERING combine the generation of smart, relevant, biological data with the bioinformatics analysis for optimal liquid environment.

Valita®DESIGN - Bespoke cell culture media design which allows users to strategically optimise and deploy the optimal liquid environment during cell selection, expansion and scale-up in order to maximise the economic output of the process. Valita®DESIGN uses a panel of chemical effector molecules to provide tailored process specific support for cellular growth, productivity and CQA assessment.