HibernX Series

LiCONiC HibernX now revolutionizes the plasma production process by providing complete automation and full traceability during storage

HibernX was developed due the demand for long/mid term plasma storage and convenient access to individual FFP units. It is the world’s first fully automated -30°C plasma storage solution. 

HibernX perfectly suites the requirements of blood establishments of different types: blood donation centres, plasma collection centres and hospital blood banks.

Within minutes plasma units can be retrieved based on chosen criteria, such as: donation id, quarantine status, blood group, donation date, etc. Additionally quarantine and released material can be kept in separate partitions of the storage space.


  • Simplified workflow
  • Convenient storage and retrieval from >0°C environment
  • High Throughput Single Unit and Batch Access
  • Highest storage density
  • Best energy performance
  • Unrivalled temperature uniformity and stability
  • Intuitive system operation
  • Seamless LIMS integration
  • Unique no defrost cycle design


Capacities: HibernX flexibility allows a storage layout, Capacities may range from 10,000 units to over 200 000, assuming plasma bag sizes of 300 ml.it  can also be used for the storage of plasmapheresis units of 600 to 800 ml, as well as paediatric doses of 100 ml or any combination of the types.


Storage Conditions :LiCONiC‘s unique chest freezer design naturally creates two important benefits: Two climate zones, one for active components at -30°C another for passive elements at -20°C and stable horizontal temperature layers in storage area.