StoreX Series

 By introducing the first automated incubator, LiCONiC created a new standard in the High Throughput Screening industry during the early 1990‘s.   

StoreX STX Line: The STX Line is the most widely used and the most complete solution for controlled  environmental automated storage in laboratory automation.

StoreX STR Line:.STR incubators deliver the sample through the top instrument surface with periscope lift so  it can fit under any liquid handler or workstation and deliver samples straight onto the deck.

StoreX STS Line: It is first on the market solar incubator with automated random access plate handling and programmable full spectrum illumination.

StoreX STF Line: It is the first on the market incubator for cell culture flasks where they are handled as easy  as microplates.. 

StoreX STL Line: New plate mass storage system for controlled and uncontrolled environment .The STL line covers the field of 3'000 to 20'000 MTP capacity or over 1,5 million 0,3 ml cubes capacity .

StoreX iSTX Line: New iSTX Line  advances further ahead in its position at the leading edge of the technology. The new iSTX Line offers unique new features which incorporates both, ideas from existing users and latest achievements by LiCONiC’s applications and development groups.

 CLIMATE OPTION FROM -30°C TO +200°C ………….Capacity - 44 over 3000 MTP equivalent capacity

 The exclusive focus on technology and quality has kept LiCONiC the leader in the life sciences industry with more innovation and trend-setting solutions ever since.