Rocket Series : Rocket Synergy and Rocket 4D Synergy Evaporators

Rocket Evaporators use patented vacuum technology to evaporate solutions to dryness, or a concentrate, rapidly and safely.

The latest Synergy series offers integrated, flexible solutions for processing a wide range of sample volumes. Interchangeable rotors will accommodate tubes, flasks and batch volumes of up to 100L.

Rocket Synergy :Designed to dry or concentrate up to six flasks, each containing a maximum of 450ml of solvent, or 18 ASE® vials, with no user intervention or attention

Rocket 4D Synergy:Rocket 4D Synergy is a fully automated system for drying or concentrating very large volumes with no user intervention and in complete confidence

Rocket technology: Using a single, common vacuum pump, the Rocket creates two vacuum environments Low vacuum causes the solvents in the sample to boil at a low temperature, often below 0°C and second vacuum environment boils deionised water to make low temperature, low pressure steam.

Key Features

  • High speed evaporation
  • High volume evaporation - Sample volumes from 50ml to 100 liters
  • Autofeed
  • Autostop
  • Unique Rocket low pressure steam heat transfer technology
  • DriPure anti bumping
  • Removable interchangeable rotors
  • Autodraining condenser
  • Strobe to view evaporation progress

Designed primarily to evaporate large sample volumes (of 5 litres and above), with autofeed if required, the Rocket 4D Synergy can also be fitted with a removable flask rotor to accommodate the full range of Rocket Sample handling solutions such as flasks, tubes and SampleGenie


  • Easy to use via simple controls and intelligent software
  • Fully automated from start to finish
  • Space saving in which, one Rocket replaces several rotary evaporators
  • Perfect results – no monitoring or intervention required for excellent sample recovery
  • Environmentally friendly cold traps and advanced methodology provide very high solvent recovery

Rocket 4D Synergy’s 5 litre 316 stainless bowl rotor has detachable handles and is easily lifted into and out of the evaporator. Access to the dried or concentrated product in the vessel is very easy. Dried products can be scooped out, or re-dissolved while the vessel is still in the system.