EZ-2 Series

The third generation of the EZ-2 Series is the pinnacle of parallel evaporation that draws on the expertise of Genevac engineers and the experiences of many scientists in the laboratory.

The EZ-2 Series has All-in-one compact design that saves valuable bench space, Easier to use than rotary evaporator, gives Great Results every time, Advanced technology offers total sample protection, and Easy maintenance contributes to low cost of ownership.

There are three models in the EZ-2 Series; Standard, Plus & Elite

  • EZ-2 Standard :Suitable for water and volatile solvents with boiling points up to 120 °C
  • EZ-2 Plus  : Recommended for more difficult solvents with higher boiling points up to 165°C , as it is equipped with chamber heating and a more powerful pump suitable for water and HPLC fractions
  • EZ-2 Elite : For the highest boiling points solvents  up to 220°C , enhanced solvent recovery, improved final drying of stubborn samples and fast lyophilization of HPLC fractions

It has been designed specially for solvent removal in life sciences research, be that concentration, drying or Lyophilization of samples  The high efficiency defrost free SpeedTrap which traps all solvents as liquid-even water. Automatic draining of the speedTrap  enhances solvents recovery further and makes fast Lyophilization of HPLC fractions Possible.

Genevac’s Patented Dri-Pure sample Protection system prevents cross contamination and sample loss due to pumping. High Capacity H shaped rotor design takes tubes, vials, reaction blocks , microtiter plates and sampleGenie

High efficiency CoolHeat® infra red lamps provide the heat energy required for rapid evaporation and heat the samples uniformly.

Genevac only uses oil free vacuum pumps, there are two types depending on the duty and level of vacuum required .Quiet Operation from precision direct drive rotor with out –of –balance and thermal cut-out as standard

The Key Features of the model is Autostop processing program, Pre-programmed methods, Revolutionary SpeedTrap™ (with autodrain on Elite), DriPure, Anti-bumping, specially for High boiling point solvents (Elite), and provide Lyospeed Fast lyophilisation (Elite).