Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) Kits

Perform next generation sequencing within your own lab with an NGS kit

Targeted genotyping kits - Allegro:

Allegro Targeted Genotyping kits provide a fast, scalable, cost-effective approach to perform targeted genotyping-by-sequencing on a wide variety of organisms using next generation sequencing.

Allegro Targeted Genotyping combines three core technologies to enable efficient SNP interrogation.

  • Enzymatic Fragmentation – Integrated for ease of use and automation
  • DimerFree Ligation – eliminates adaptor dimer formation
  • SPET – for targeted SNP interrogation

Allegro Targeted Genotyping offers high sample multiplexing capability, ability to interrogate over 100,000 SNPs in a single assay, and flexible design possibilities for targeting new markers.

Product Highlights:

Simple, fast, robust automatable workflow

  • Simple, single-tube assay that can be completed in less than 24 hours
  • Hundreds of barcodes and increased multiplexing enables cost-saving interrogation of SNPs
  • Automatable on a variety of platforms