SNP genotyping using KASP™ chemistry

KASP ™ is LGC proprietary genotyping technology. The KASP genotyping reaction consists of the following three elements:

  • DNA sample
  • The KASP assay mixture (containing target specific primers)
  • KASP Master mixture

KASP Master mix and KASP Assay mix genotyping can be purchased to run our KASP genotyping reactions in your laboratory even though it is used for our own projects in LGC-Genomics service projects.

KASP Assay mix:

The KASP Assay is specific to the mix SNP or targeted InDel and consists of two allele-specific forward primers and one reverse primer. An additional tail sequence corresponding to one of the two universal FRETs is included in each forward primer. All KASP assays are possible with additional analysis validation service.

KASP Master mix:

The KASP Master mix contains two universal FRET cassettes (FAM and HEX), ROX ™ passive reference stain, tail polymerase, free nucleotides and MgCl2 in the optimal buffer solution.

We are also offering SeqSNP® by LGC - a highly efficient novel end-to-end service for targeted genotyping using thousands of SNP markers. The service allows customers to accelerate their animal and plant breeding and bring their products to market faster.

SeqSNP advantages:

  • Targeted genotyping by sequencing 100’s up to 10,000+ markers
  • Cost reduction due to efficient laboratory processes and enrichment chemistry
  • Flexible marker sets