The SNPline workflow consists of all instruments, software, and validated procedures needed to establish a highly cost-effective, flexible, and scalable PCR-based genotyping solution


The repliKator™ was initially designed to overcome challenges in our own genotyping service laboratories.  The RepliKator creates multiple daughter plates from source plates, which allows accurate replication of plates at the same or different densities efficiently and accurately.

K-pette :

The K-pette liquid handling instrument from LGC utilises an Apricot Designs system modified to enable efficient and accurate replication of microplates in a high-throughput laboratory. Utilised in conjunction with our unique plate adaptor designs, the K-pette system allows accurate replication of plates at the same or different densities efficiently and accurately. It includes a 384-channel pipetting head that is designed to function as either a 96- or 384-pipettor, and it supports a volume range from 1 to 125 µL with CV of less than 5%. The unit is easily controlled through a removable handheld touch screen interface.

Meridian2 ™ - Liquid Dispensing System :

The Meridian2 ™ system provides non-contact, continuous reagent dispensing, ideal for genotyping, standard PCR and other applications.

Kube™ :

The Kube™ is LGC's fully automated, robotic friendly thermal plate sealer. A truly robust and reliable heat sealer that delivers unsurpassed levels of speed, performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use.


Fusion3™- enables laser sealing of 1536-well PCR plates without the use of heat. Higher plate densities and plates can be sealed up to 50 times.

Hydrocycler :

Combining throughput, efficiency and robust design, the Hydrocycler2 water bath thermal cycler offers an attractive alternative to traditional Peltier-based thermal cyclers for high-throughput PCR.

KlusterCaller Software:

KlusterCaller enables genotyping data analysis and reporting. Data can be imported from plate readers and qPCR instruments for 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plate formats.