Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems:

TANBead fully automated magnetic bead operating platforms use the magnetic rods within the equipment for nucleic acid isolation. The magnetic beads with nucleic acids adsorbed are automatically transferred from well to well for cell lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, washing, and elution. TANBead’s automated extraction devices provide you a walk-away solution and effort-saving approach for processing multiple samples at the same time

Maelstrom-8 With Auto Stage  

  • Portable Magnetic Bead Handling Device
  • Automated purification of DNA,RNA and Protein Samples
  • Sample Capacity– 1 to 8 samples
  • Processing Volume 50 to 1600 ul

Autostage: Provided walkaway solution for Maelstrom 8

  •  All extraction function of handling magnetic beads  are comprehensively coordinated including mixing, collecting and transferring procedure.
  • Direct elute function to perform elution directly into PCR tubes