SuperVap- Sample Evaporation & Concentration System

The SuperVap system is an automated, standalone, direct-to-vial concentrator that replaces older techniques such as KD, nitrogen blow down and water baths.

  • Sample Handling- Direct to Vial Reduces error associated with the transfer steps
  • Concentrate/Evaporate up to 6 samples- sample sized up to 220ml
  • Concentrate/Evaporate up to 12 samples- Sample sizes up to 50 ml
  • Automatic endpoint detection and Nitrogen Shutoff for each vessel
  • Compact Size
  • Waterless Bath- Dry Heater Assembly , Robust Sensors
  • ¬†Simple Solvent Recovery
  • Variety of Concentration Vessels- Direct to GC/LC Vial 500ul, 1ml low volume GC/LC Vial, 2ml GC/LC Vial, 4ml GC/LC Vial,¬† 20ml VOA Vial, ASE 40ml and 60 ml VOA Vials
  • HEPA/Carbon Filter- Eliminate outside contamination
  • Easy User Interface- Touch Screen Display
  • Method Creation
  • Method Storage
  • Real-Time Plotting
  • Automated Run Log