EP-110 - Automated Dioxins and PCBs Sample Prep

  • The EP-110 uses Zero DCM in the cleanup process.  
  • Fast: 30 to 45 minutes- Depending on the Sample Matrix and Lipid content.
  • Column kits designed to meet different sample lipid content allow for fast sample processing
  • 64 samples in a day.
  • Low Solvent: As Low As 110ml per Sample
  • Expandable: From 2 to 8 samples
  • Each module can handle 2 samples in parallel.
  • The system can have up to 4 modules running 8 samples in parallel.
  • Guaranteed Certified Columns- FMS’s Column Consumables are Certified and Guaranteed for cleanliness, high recoveries and performance.
  • Fat / Lipid Removal: Capacity 0.15 to 7 Grams


Liquids: Egg Yolk, Milk, Food Oils, Serum, Water, Waste Water

Solids: Fish, Feed, Meat, Soils, Sludge, Fly Ash