FlowCam® Nano for Submicron Particle Imaging

Experience Nano-Flow Imaging® with image clarity below 10µm. The award-winning FlowCam Nano uses oil-immersion technology to quickly and easily image, measure, analyze, and count microparticles as small as 300nm up to 10µm.

The FlowCam Nano features a patented oil-immersion, flow-imaging microscope paired with a 40X objective and our industry-leading image analysis software VisualSpreadsheet® to provide you with highly-resolved images never before available for particles in this size range.

Advantages of FlowCam Nano include:

  • Image and analyze particles as small as 300nm
  • Distinguish between protein aggregates and other particle agglomerates and single particles measuring the same size
  • Verify particle size and sample uniformity
  • Use morphological data to identify the structure and nature of extrinsic particles and improve product quality
  • In its first year on the market, the FlowCam Nano received three awards in innovation

FlowCam Nano Applications: 

  • Formulation development
  • Protein stability studies
  • Manufacturing process improvement
  • Final product QA/QC