Gut-Box™ is Pion’s mechanical stirring apparatus, specially designed for use with PAMPA. It supports the 96 well-plate set-up. When used in conjunction with PAMPA, Gut-Box™ provides stirring that mimics that found in the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT).


  • Enhances all PAMPA applications, enabling you to achieve even more reliable results.
  • Study the simple solvent/excipient effect on permeability/flux
  • Measure passive permeability of compounds
  • Evaluate or compare complex formulations
  • Study the simple solvent/excipient effect
  • Supports excipient screening


Precise stirring control

Allows for the accurate replication of in-vivo conditions in the gastro-intestinal tract and biomimetic stirring for human jejunum.

Extended dynamic permeability range

Permeability assays cover an additional order of magnitude in terms of response, providing better data integrity, lowering variability and delivering more reliable results.