PAMPA for Permeability

Pion’s PAMPA technology uses a range of membranes to mimic gastro-intestinal conditions, or the blood-brain or human skin barrier. It allows you to evaluate the passive permeability of APIs as well as the absorption potential of simple or complex formulations very precisely using robust models and protocols.

Pion PAMPA can be used for preformulation excipient screening;

  • Comparative flux assay for smart excipient selection to enhance GI absorption
  • Comparative flux assay to select excipients for dermal/transdermal formulations.

Pion SKIN PAMPA offers a further ability for final formulation screening; comparing the performance of topical and transdermal formulations to rank order the permeability potential of those formulations.


PAMPA has a wide range of popular applications, each delivering robust and reliable results.

  • Study the simple solvent/excipient effect on flux
  • Measure passive permeability of compounds
  • Find the best excipients to help dermal absorption
  • Perform all evaluations using only modest sample quantities
  • Evaluate or compare complex formulations

PAMPA Explorer Command Software is easy to interface, and is compatible out-of-the-box with the following commercially available UV readers and liquid handling robots:

Molecular Devices: SpectraMax® 190 • SpectraMax® Plus384 • SpectraMax® M5 • FlexStation® 3 • Tecan: Infinite® M200 • M1000 • BioTek: Epoch • Synergy 2/H4/HT/Mx/H1