FDSS/µCELL Functional Drug Screening System

FDSS/μCELL is a laboratory screening system that compactly integrates technologies developed in drug discovery screening, enabling a purpose-built system that is simple to use. 

Simultaneous measurement and analysis of the kinetics of a sample’s fluorescence or luminescence intensity in all wells at the time of compound addition are made possible by the high sensitivity two-dimensional sensor (camera) and dispenser head (96 tip type/384 tip type). Screening various compounds at high throughput is enabled by measurement under the same conditions with no time lag between wells.

  • GPCR :GPCR screening can be performed by intracellular Ca2+ assay, cAMP assay and β-arrestin assay.
  • Ion channel:Ion channel screening can be performed using intracellular ion fluorescence indicators.
  • Luminescence :Luminescence screening can be performed using luminescent probes such as luciferase or aequorin.
  • BRET/FRET :Screening of protein-protein interaction can be performed using fluorescence/luminescence energy transfer.
  • iPS- cell :Toxicity evaluation and drug discovery screening using iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes and neurons can be performed

FDSS/µCELL Main features

  • Suitable for fluorescence/luminescence analysis
  • Simultaneous addition and reading in 96 wells/384 wells
  • Enables a wide range of measurements with excitation light sources of various wavelengths
  • Long life, high power LED excitation light source
  • Suitable for FRET or BRET by changing wavelength • High speed data capture of 5 ms maximum (optional)
  • Simultaneous electrical stimulation and reading in 96 wells (optional)
  • External control option available for automation
  • Temperature can be maintained at +35 oC to +37 oC by installing heater unit (optional)
  • CO2 incubation (optional)
  • Waveform analysis (optional)

Various data processing and analysis are possible from the results of measurement

Spatial correction between wells (spatial uniformity) Negative control correction.Positive control correction ,Baseline subtraction correction (subtract bias) IC/EC graph calculation from multiple series

IC/EC graph calculation using Max, Min, Average and Max-Min in