Tecan Microplates are the latest addition to the Tecan consumables portfolio. We offer a selection of polystyrene, medium-binding ANSI/SLAS-format microplates compatible with Tecan instruments.

Biochemical Assay Plates

Black and white biochemical assay plates are designed for fluorescence and luminescence measurement assays.The low auto-phosphorescence of our white biochemical plates helps to reduce pre-measurement incubation times, while our unique combination of black microplates plates and black lids allows uninterrupted measurement of light-sensitive assays using Spark’s unique Lid Lifter™ system.  Tecan biochemical assay plates are available with a choice of two low-profile plate lids – black and clear – helping to ensure that assays with long incubation times will not be affected by evaporation.

Cell Culture Plates

  • Quality assured across the range
  •  A collection of tissue-culture (TC) treated, sterile cell culture plates with individual lids for confluence and bottom-fluorescence measurements of cell-based applications. Performance assured with minimum background signal.
  • It is critical to ensure the optical quality of microplate well bottoms for contrast-based confluence measurements, as optical artifacts or particles that have a higher contrast than the background could be incorrectly identifi ed as cells. Our cell culture plates offer assured optical performance, with minimum background signal.

Smart Extraction Consumables

  • Smart sample preparation
  • Tecan's offers an extensive range of smart consumables that can be easily integrated into automated liquid handling workstations and sample prep workflows for mass spec applications.
  • Sample enrichment and clean-up techniques are offered for a wide variety of proprietary extraction technologies, enabling more efficient MS sample prep workflows.
  • Our proprietary narrow bore extraction (NBE) technology enables a fundamental redesign of the SPE workflow, with clear improvements.
  • Novel air gap prevents sample flow until positive pressure is applied, allowing extended incubation steps in the column
  • 5x smaller elution volumes – micro-elution – enables direct injection into the MS instrument, eliminating evaporation steps

Protein Affinity Capture Tips

MSIA Streptavidin Affinity Capture Tips are affinity microcolumns with the capability to capture and purify antibodies and other proteins from various samples.