The Infinite® F50

The Infinite® F50 and Infinite F50 Robotic are Tecan’s family of reliable, validated and compact absorbance microplate readers for ELISA.  They provide accurate, fast photometric measurements using innovative eight-channel optics and LED technology. The Infinite F50 is Tecan’s next generation, state-of-the-art eight channel absorbance microplate reader. It provides not only accurate, reproducible and fast measurements, it also sets a new standard in compact, innovative design. With its easy-to-use reader control and data analysis software, the Infinite F50 is ideal for a variety of ELISA applications.

  • Eight channel ELISA reader for fast measurements
  • Additional reference channel for optimized light intensity
  • Two year warranty and tested reliability of > 100,000 plates
  • Endpoint, kinetic and multi-label measurements for a variety of applications
  • Shaking with variable time and speed
  • Magellan software for powerful and validated data analysis
  • IQ/OQ procedure available
  • Designed to meet IVDD 98/79/EC* and 2011/65/EU RoHS
  • Supports FDA 21 CFR part 11* functionality


Tecan’s Sunrise absorbance microplate reader offers all the functionality needed for numerous photometric applications, including advanced 12-channel optics for fast, multichannel absorbance reading of ELISAs, a temperature control function for enzyme kinetic assays, and a tunable wavelength function for wavelength scanning.

  • Ideal for colorimetric ELISAs, kinetic assays and agglutination readings
  • Temperature control option for enzyme kinetics
  • Tunable wavelength option for greater flexibility and wavelength scanning
  • Powered by Magellan data analysis software
  • Advanced curve fitting and QC functions, plus data export to your LIS
  • Advanced 12-channel optics for fast results
  • Additional reference channel for optimizing light intensity
  • Prolonged lamp lifetime via auto switch-off function when not in use
  • Microplate shaking capability

Magellan™ software 

The Sunrise plate reader, together with the Magellan reader control and data analysis software, is an ideal solution for a range of applications, including ELISAs, enzyme kinetic studies and many more.