The new expert plate washer for cells, beads and ELISA assays in 96- and 384-well plate formats. Benefit from speed & full control of wash power for optimized results.  For cells, beads and ELISAs in 96- and 384-well microplate formats.  The HydroSpeed plate washer is ready for ELISA washing, as well as gentle washing of adherent and weakly-adherent cells. It supports soak steps with microplate shaking, as well as buffer switching

  • Cell Protection™ Extra gentle cell washing with tuneable wash power
  • Anti-Clogging™ Reliable operation through active prevention of needle clogging
  • Patented design using dual magnets per well -Efficient bead settling and high bead recovery rates
  • Ease of use -Integrated monitoring of liquid level in waste bottle
  • Plate assistant function-Patent-pending auto-adjust function for easy teaching of new plates

HydroSpeed really does offer you power and control for all your cell, bead and ELISA washing applications

  • The HydroSpeed plate washer is available with a selection of wash heads optimized for cells, beads and ELISAs
  • 96 indexing wash head for washing both 96- and 384-well plates, without swapping wash heads
  • Magnetic bead washing in 96- and 384-well plate formats
  • Vacuum filtration in 96- and 384-well filter plates

The HydroFlex microplate washer 

The HydroFlex microplate washer is a truly flexible and upgradeable platform for automated microplate strip washing, magnetic bead washing and vacuum filtration in 96-well plate formats. Every HydroFlex washer comes with microplate shaking and automated buffer switching included, ready for ELISA washing and gentle washing of cells.

  • Ready for automated washing of ELISAs, cells and protein arrays
  • Magnetic bead washing using powerful neodymium magnets
  • Two magnets per well for efficient bead settling (patented design)
  • Automated system for vacuum filtration using vacuum sensor
  • Individual vacuum settings for each filtration step within a protocol
  • Control of wash head positions and speed settings for gentle cell washing
  • Up to two aspiration points per well for minimal residual volumes
  • Simultaneous aspiration and dispensing for ELISA washing
  • Automated buffer switching and plate shaking capabilities
 The HydroFlex plate washer has been designed to meet IVD-D 98/79/EC when configured for ELISA washing*.In combination with the HydroControl software, HydroFlex provides 21 CFR Part 11 functionality, such as electronic records, electronic signatures, user administration and audit trail functions*