Infinite® 200 PRO - Six configurations. Infinite possibilities.

The Infinite 200 PRO is an easy-to-use multimode plate reader family that offers affordable, high performance detection solutions, referenced in more than 1800 peer reviewed publication. Six application-focused configurations: There are now six application-tailored configurations for the acclaimed and proven Infinite 200 PRO plate reader, including new options such as automated pathlength correction ,it can be upgraded to a full multimode monochromator- and filter-based reader. 

The Infinite 200 PRO gives you a choice of monochromator- or filter-based optics

  • Monochromators offer you free wavelength selection and enable spectral scanning in both absorbance and fluorescence modes.
  • Filter-based devices provide increased sensitivity and access to high-end detection technologies, such as TR-FRET and fluorescence polarization.

Infinite 200 PRO capabilities

  • Absorbance and absorbance scans
  • Fluorescence intensity top reading including TRF, with automated z-adjustment and background correction
  • Photon counting luminescence, including dual color luminescence
  • Spectrally enhanced photomultiplier tube
  • Cuvette port for absorbance
  • Temperature control
  • Injectors
  • NanoQuant Plate

 Software designed for your workflow :The Infinite 200 PRO plate reader family is supplied with the easy-to-use i-control software interface, allowing you quickly define a workflow for each of your applications.