​Increase your format flexibility and throughput with Cavettos, Cell Chips™, Roboflask®, NanoQuant Plate and ANSI/SBS microplates up to 1,536 wells.Spark is the fully flexible detection platform with smart automation made for discovery, today and tomorrow.

Technology highlights:

  • High speed monochromator- Full absorbance spectrum scan in less than 5 seconds
  • Nano Quant Plate- Calibration free, low volume nucleic acid quantification
  • Flourescence fusion optics- Revolutionary design offers sensitivity with flexibility
  • Luminiscence optics-  Designed for sensitivity for 96-, 384- and 1,536-well format glow, flash and multi-color luminescence applications.
  • Automated cell imaging- Enabling cell counting, viability analysis and live cell imaging
  • Live cell package – complete environmental control and simplified
  • Te-Cool true temperature stability- total temperature control, even below ambient
  • Spark offers uncompromised performance for AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA® and AlphaPlex® assays

Fluorescence – Fusion Optics: 

Spark can be equipped with filters, Tecan’s state-of-the-art QuadX Monochromators™ double monochromator system or a combination of both. Unlike hybrid multimode readers


Spark Cyto is a multi-mode plate reader with fluorescence imaging and cytometry capabilities, unlocking new possibilities for your cell-based research.Spark Cyto works in real -time, using parallel data acquisition and analysis- to deliver meaningful insights faster than before

A dedicated optical set-up for live-cell cytometry in microplates

  • The Spark Cyto fluorescence imaging module is designed to deliver crisp images with minimal user intervention.
  • Spark Cyto incorporates three objectives that can easily be selected on the fly in the SparkControl™ software:
  • Composite images without the pixel shift
  • Autofocus enabled – Spark Cyto uses a patent-pending LED-based autofocus system to deliver accurate images without compromising on scanning time
  • The Live Viewer software application enables the Spark Cyto to be used as an image cytometer, allowing cells to be monitored in real time. 
  • Spark Cyto allows you to image a whole-well in a 96- or 384-well plate with one single picture, giving you insight into every cell in every well

Five predefined applications, even more possibilities: Confluence -nucleic counting -transfection efficiency-cell viability-cell death