Positive pressure workstations - Smart sample preparation

Tecan offers compact, benchtop units for mass spec sample prep workflows, enabling applications such as analyte enrichment and sample clean-up to be performed under positive pressure. Gas-based positive pressure SPE delivers maximum process reproducibility and uniformity across columns and plate wells. Resolvex® positive pressure workstations benefit from adjustable or programmable pressure settings, allowing you to optimize flow rates, reduce processing times and enhance analytical performance.

Resolvex® M10

Positive pressure processing for individual columns or 96-well plates.

  • Uniformity of flow -Individual flow restrictors ensure that even partly filled plates or tube racks can be processed reliably and with minimal variation.
  • Positive pressure processing Pressure adjustment enables a smooth and immediate column flow response to be achieved

Resolvex® A200

Positive pressure processing for 1 ml columns or 96-well (1ml) plates.

  • Automated liquid dispenser -Accurate delivery of up to 11 protocol solvents allows unattended SPE workflows. The Resolvex A200 uses the proven Cavro® syringe pump technology to accurately dispense solvents ranging from deionized water to hexane.
  • Simplicity in operation -Intuitive, logical touchscreen control offers straightforward integration into standard laboratory operations for immediate productivity.
  • Electronic pressure processing -Programmable pressure profiles allow optimization of flow rates, reducing processing time and enabling reliable analyte recovery.

Freedom EVO® with Resolvex® A200 workstation

Bringing together the advantages of our liquid handling and positive pressure SPE sample preparation technologies.

  • Sample accessioning, addition of internal standards and sample distribution is performed using the proven and robust Freedom EVO liquid handling platform, followed by positive pressure SPE on the Resolvex A200.
  • The subsequent positive pressure extraction is performed on the Resolvex A200 workstation.

Freedom EVO positive pressure cartridge package*​

  • Operator-free batch processing of up to 144 samples with 1 ml cartridges, 80 samples with 3 ml cartridges and 64 samples with 6 ml cartridges.
  • The use of disposable tips to pipette samples eliminates the need for excessive wash cycles, reducing solvent consumption.
  • Barcode reading enables the use of LIMS worklists for effortless efficiency.
  • Dedicated user interface for seamless operation.