New Fluent - Productivity, Simplicity, Confidence

Tecan has re-shaped automation with Fluent, an exceptional instrumentation concept built around the application-specific needs of your laboratory.

New Fluent®:Tecan has re-shaped automation with Fluent a unique instrumentation concept built       around the application-specific needs of your laboratory.

Fluent® Gx: The Fluent Gx automation workstation is designed specifically to meet the needs of   regulated laboratories, in clinical, GMP and QC facilities and comply with FDA 21 CFR Part

High performance pipetting

  • Choice of powerful liquid handling technologies By offering a choice of both air- and liquid-displacement pipetting technologies, the Flexible Channel Arm provides outstanding flexibility to suit the needs of your laboratory workflow
  • Save sample and reagent volumes :Adaptive Signal Technology™, a new generation of liquid level sensing enables use of smaller sample volumes, minimizes the risk of errors
  • Multiple Channel Arm head adapter swap :The Fluent Multiple Channel Arm has 384 pipetting channels that can change on-the-fly between 384 and 96 well formats

Increase productivity and extend walkaway time.

  • Versatile tube and plate handling with a Robotic Gripper Arm: Smoothly and quickly delivers labware—including plates and tubes—to the instrument’s pipetting arms and integrated devices without interrupting the pipetting process.
  • Increase walkaway time -With its exceptional deck capacity and below deck arm access, Fluent can accommodate 6 microplates or tip boxes in the depth, single or stacked, and multiple devices without expanding its footprint.
  • Fast and streamlined workflows Three independent, task-specific arms move in parallel to simultaneously and efficiently automate methods-maximizing workflow performance.
  • Measure and improve liquid handling efficiency :Connect your lab automation today and get your Introspect™ dashboards with real data on instrument uptime, consumables consumption and run success rates.

Laboratory Automation Solution for Genomic Workflows Fluent’s leading-edge design delivers outstanding capacity and speed for genomic workflows

Laboratory automation solution for compound management A whole new level of throughput, flexibility and confidence

Laboratory automation solution for cell-based assays With a broad range of features specifically designed to optimize the performance of cell-based and biochemical assays

Laboratory automation software

The Fluent® and Fluent Gx laboratory automation workstations are a powerful platform, yet FluentControl keeps it simple with TouchTools™, a dedicated operator interface on the touchscreen of the instrument itself.